Find your Tomorrow at Kingsfield

Moremac Property Group is pleased to unveil the new look Kingsfield brand, posing the question to customers ‘what does tomorrow look like for you?’




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Kingsfield’s refreshed look and feel has considered the existing features of the development and enveloped the unique selling points into the moniker of ‘Tomorrow’s Home’.

As a forward-thinking development, Kingsfield can hang its hat on the multiple initiatives in place to create a strong environmentally conscious, cohesive and progressive community.

What does sustainability look like tomorrow?

Residents live amongst acres of green escapes and cooling tree canopies, enjoying environmentally conscious living and access to every modern urban convenience including a future town centre and local government school. 

By placing nature and urban living in perfect balance, Kingsfield is reframing the future of how we live and redefining what a community of tomorrow can be.

With features like Reconophalt roads throughout the development, a solar rebate available and unique Sustainability Fund to be led by residents, Kingsfield is ensuring it plays its part in creating a sustainable future for residents.

What does open space look like tomorrow?

Kingsfield’s 133 hectares of open space has been represented through topography styled designs throughout the new brand.

With a spectacular array of open spaces, every resident is within walking distance of a local park or conservation reserve. It’s a showcase of urban design to progress a community, its natural resources and connection to nature.

What does community look like tomorrow?

New to Sunbury, Kingsfield takes its place in a community with strong foundations. Master-planned for connection, its where open green spaces and wide leafy streets extend Sunbury’s rich amenity.

Residents enjoy all the benefits of a new neighbourhood, intrinsically connected to the wider, established Sunbury town centre and its surrounding historical landmarks and leisure precents.

Wide tree-lined streets and places for outdoor play, sports, leisure, shopping, dining, and education provide a setting for neighbours to meet and develop deeper community connections. 

Kingsfield’s expanse of some 2,100 plus dwellings will be connected to a newly named neighbourhood based on fauna and geographical location in the community.

North Point, Saltbush, Banksia, Acacia, South Gully, Panorama and Creekside have all been given their own unique sense of identity utilising variations of the topography design along with a carefully selected colour palette.

Discover the new Kingsfield brand at the estate’s website

The Sales Office details remain unchanged, visit the team at the corner of Lancefield and Gellies Road in Sunbury, call 0448 003 639 or email

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