Kingsfield Residents Championing Sustainability

Kingsfield, a master planned estate in Sunbury developed by Moremac Property Group on Lancefield Road, is allowing residents to champion their own environmentally conscious initiatives with a first-of-its-kind community Sustainability Fund.




Moremac Property Group

Known as the Kingsfield Sustainability Fund Inc. the fund is designed to unite local minds and inject sustainable initiatives into the community through a collaborative, grass-roots model.

Residents will be empowered to engage with eco-conscious living in their own backyard, via a system that contributes back to the community.

Governed by a committee of residents and funded via Moremac and select energy provider contributions, the funds will be used to activate sustainable initiatives prioritised by and on behalf of Kingsfield’s residents.

These initiatives could include community gardens, electric vehicle charging stations, solar battery sites, revegetation areas, or anything the residents ultimately elect to invest in.

“Residents will be empowered to engage with eco-conscious living in their own backyard, via a system that contributes back to the community,” said Sales and Marketing Director at Moremac, Lachlan Moore.

“We look forward to seeing how the residents of Kingsfield will choose to disperse the funds aimed towards sustainable goals within the estate.”

Key to the initiative is Moremac’s contribution towards solar panel installations should new home owners wish to explore.

Moremac has partnered with Origin Energy and Green Sky Australia and will contribute $2,225 on top of the Solar Victoria $1,400 rebate towards installations from the energy providers.

Purchasers who take advantage of the Kingsfield solar promotion, and who are eligible for the  Solar Victoria rebate could therefore install a rooftop solar PV system up to the value of  $3,625 for no cost. 

Both energy providers will contribute to the Kingsfield Sustainability Fund if they are chosen to install by the purchaser.

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