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Moremac Property Group’s concerted efforts to engage with its customers long after settlement has added substance to their ethos of creating ‘Inspiring Places’ through a multitude of events, sponsorships and initiatives to foster a sense of community across its residential communities.




Moremac Property Group

The developer has brought to life concepts specifically to bring purchasers together, encouraging neighbours to meet one another in memorable settings.

This investment from Moremac continues long after settlement and is crucial for Moremac in nurturing its residents.

“It’s difficult to create a community while living in an incomplete neighbourhood with ongoing construction,” said Lachlan Moore, Sales and Marketing Director at Moremac.

“Future residents should expect a level of service from developers rather than standard construction updates received via email, and that’s the extra level of nurturing we are seeking to provide.”

The nature of developing master planned estates sees residents gradually moving into their homes as construction occurs around them.

With loneliness and social isolation becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, Moremac seek to establish initiatives to ensure their purchasers are provided with opportunities to connect with one another. 

It’s Moremac’s goal to ensure purchasers feel valued and part of a community despite what stage of the development is progressed to once they move in.

Residents among the first to move into an empty estate are crucial to Moremac as they often become key ambassadors for the wider community as it grows.

It’s for this reason, Moremac seeks to foster thriving neighbourhoods as early as possible by including both current and future residents, regardless of where they are in their own construction process.

“A huge drawcard of the master planned location is the undeniable sense of community which is easily achievable once complete,” added Moore.

“We are accelerating this feature through investment in community connection initiatives.”

To ensure high engagement with its communities, Moremac has developed a comprehensive experience program across active projects throughout Victoria. Events are free for all residents and purchasers. 

Experiences have included: 

-          Free food trucks over a series of back-to-back weekends 
-          Easter egg hunts in the local community park  
-          VIP dinners for residents  
-          Santa meet and greets in the local community park 
-          Outdoor garden festivals 
-          New park openings launch event 
-          Private cinema screenings 
-          Holiday gifts delivered to homes of residents 
-          Outdoor summer cinema events 
-          Football clinic with AFL players
-          Pop up ice-skating rinks

These personalised experiences for purchasers aim to foster a sense of community.

Since January 2022, Moremac has delivered 19 events with a number more planned leading into Christmas.

Over 1,200 purchasers have attended an event which have been held both on site at developments, and off site at various venues specific to the activation including local restaurants and movie theatres.

Moremac has direct engagement with its purchasers via private resident groups, in which feedback for events has been overwhelmingly positive.

Freedom E., a kingsfield resident, shared feedback following their Easter Hunt; 

“Thanks so much for today. Our little love had a blast. All she wants to do is go back to the park to ‘find more eggs.’ It was so lovely to meet some of our neighbours too.”

Clare H. at Deanside Village said of their cinema event;

“This is fantastic, thank-you for putting on another amazing free event for the community to enjoy, very grateful!”

“Through post-event surveys and communication with residents we’re receiving some incredible feedback,” added Moore.

“It’s difficult to put a metric on that kind of feedback, but we know it can become a real point of difference when it comes to listing some of the added benefits of buying into our developments.

“Additionally, we’re providing a free day out for families which can be huge when it comes to household budgets these days.”

As the cost of living continues to rapidly rise across the country, families are feeling the pinch to their household budgets, particularly new homeowners.

By providing free activities, Moremac pass on no financial cost for families seeking an afternoon or evening of entertainment.

The majority of events are held within the estates, eliminating transport costs, free meals allow for a night off of the weekly grocery shop, and of course, entertainment for kids free of charge, a rare treat in this modern economy.

“A standard trip to the movies these days is nearly $100 for two adults and two children, and that’s before adding any food or drink at all.

“That can blow out to well over $200, so it’s a significant saving to families when we host something like a movie screening with substantial meals on offer completely free of charge.”

As the events gather momentum, Moremac is finding more residents are inviting their own friends and family along, making for an impactful referral tool.

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