Moremac Introduce Sustainability Fund to Kingsfield Estate

Moremac continues to bolster Kingsfield’s sustainability credentials with the introduction of a sustainability fund for residents.





The fund is born from the commitment to sustainability Moremac has made for the Kingsfield master planned estate, located on Lancefield Road in Sunbury.

Moremac will kick-start the fund by contributing a percentage of sales revenue from each lot sold.

Along with their contributions to the fund, Moremac will show their commitment to sustainability and tackling climate change by encouraging Kingsfield home owners to install rooftop solar panels on their homes with generous rebates. 

A rebate of up to $1,400 is currently available for through Solar Victoria for solar panel (PV) system installation. 

To further assist and encourage purchasers to install rooftop solar systems, Moremac will match the Solar Victoria rebate by contributing a further $2,500 to the remaining cost of a solar PV system. 

Purchasers who take advantage of the Kingsfield solar promotion, and who are eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate could therefore install a rooftop solar PV system up to the value of $3,900 for $0 cost.

Additionally, Origin Energy and Green Sky will make a contribution of $250 for every solar installation they make at Kingsfield.

Residents will ultimately decide where the funds are spent across environmentally conscious initiatives in the estate.

“We operate in a market where there’s not a lot of discretionary money left over once people buy their land,” Mr Moore said.

Already,  Moremac has set aside a plot of land for the fund and expects it will become a community garden, electric vehicle charging station or potentially a neighbourhood battery if arrangements can be made with energy retailers to connect all or part of the estate as a microgrid.

The entire Kingsfield development is championing sustainability through a number of innovative features including sixty-five percent, or 133 hectares, of the total estate made up of open green space and Reconophalt roads, made up of recycled materials such as recycled asphalt, printer toner and recycled glass.

Also unique to Kingsfield is the ‘ready-made’ community of Sunbury right next door, offering a range of schooling, amenity and entertainment options for new residents.

The thriving suburb is 40 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD and provides a unique mix of rural living with an urban lifestyle, ready and waiting for new residents of the Kingsfield estate with its family friendly appeal.

For more information on Moremac’s Kingsfield development, enquire at, via email at or call 0448 003 639.

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