Why Masterplanned Communities are Better Than Inner City Living

Why Masterplanned communities are better than inner city living





Masterplanned to Make the Most of Life
It’s an age old debate, often the dinner party or backyard BBQ discussion – who has it better, masterplanned communities or inner-city dwelling? Of course different living situations suit different home buyers, for a wealth of different reasons. However, it is pretty hard to deny why masterplanned communities like Deanside Village have the upper edge over the city slickers.

Purposeful Design
Firstly, masterplanned communities have been totally designed from scratch specifically with the needs of its future residents in mind. The designers consider who will live in the community such as new and mature families, empty-nesters, young couples and retirees, and what they need on a day-to-day basis. It’s designed for life from the start.

Community Vibes
A huge drawcard of the masterplanned location is the undeniable sense of community. You will not only know your neighbours but you will make connections with many many residents from around your neighbourhood. Why? Because you will spend a lot of time out enjoying your masterplanned space, meeting new friends and making lifelong connections.

Healthy Incentives
At the core of the masterplanned community is the abundance of outdoor features. And Deanside Village is no exception, over 30% of the community is devoted to green open space – enjoy parklands, sporting grounds, walking tracks and cycling paths in addition to the natural beauty of the Kororoit Creek wetlands. A healthy lifestyle is just what you do at Deanside Village!

Stunning Streetscapes
When it comes to making the life-changing decision to build a new home, nothing beats the assurance of a high level of quality construction around you, beautiful tapestries of contemporary design and neighbourhoods to be proud to call home. Masterplanned communities have design guidelines to help protect your big investment – for the long term.

Handy Connections
Deanside Village has been masterplanned to make the most of nearby established amenities and create a real sense of connectivity for residents. Conveniently located just a short distance from existing and future train stations as well as the Western Freeway, this community is perfectly positioned for an easy commute to Melbourne CBD or day trip to the coast.

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